This Little 9 Years-Old Kid Leaves The Judges Shocked When He Starts Playing His Guitar!


August 11, 2015 Videos

Gian Ale, a little kid of 9 years had a test when he was ordered to go on stage in front of a crowd,  three strict judges and cameras of TV stations that were airing him to millions of viewers all the world. At first he got pretty nervous.

Overpowering his fears, he got his small guitar and went straight to the center stage of the Voice Kids, and stood waiting for the eyes adjustment to the bright lights.

From the crowd, his father was screaming for his son to start, as he kept clapping his hands to support him. Gian breathed heavily before commencing to pluck his guitar’s strings. He interpreted “Thinking Out Loud” a love story song by Ed Sheeran.


As he started to sing the notes, the faces of the judges demonstrated total surprise. By the 00:15 mark, the judges are all carried away. As to Gian’s voice, it’s so sweet that you will agree that this kid has a serious don and that he still has a lot to offer.

With his father’s never ending support, and the numerous fans, the life of this little singer will surely be a brighter one, and we are pretty lucky for having witnessed its beginning.

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