He Lay Lifeless In A Hospital Bed, But When She Caught Him At This? I’m Totally TakenAnd Liking It!


July 28, 2015 Videos

Cpl. Joshua Hargis was deployed to a conflict zone, and he lost his two legs to an IED when he got hit during a combat operation one night in Afghanistan. That was in 2013, and he was just 24.

A week later, he was awarded a Purple Heart medal while at the hospital, and Taylor, his lovely wife, was beside his bed when it happened. But this guy did something that went viral in an instant, and you want toknow about it.


As the ceremony went on, Joshua couldn’t help but do a salute in honor of his nation, and his wife happened to snap a photo of it just then. Not even the doctor could restrain this great guy as he struggled to show his sign of respect for the country he had fought for.

He recovered at the Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX. 5 months later, he participated in a Warrior Walk in which he used his hand-cycle to complete a 10 mile ride together with his wife.

Watch this lovely clip and SHARE with everyone you now. This man deserves respect!

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