Ribs Will Ache Out Of Laughter When You See This Baby Elephant Discovering What He Really Is!


January 20, 2016 Videos

Generally, baby animals are very interesting to watch, more so when it is a baby elephant. Just the wide big ears, their flaccid feet and the trunks will earn you some laughter without knowing.

In the clip below, we see how a baby elephant reacted when he certainly discovered that he was an elephant for the first time ever.

There have been different comments concerning what this baby elephants was doing. Others say that he was having an itchy nose while others claim that it was her feet that were itching. All in this baby elephant of one week old proved to be very interesting to watch.


The sanctuary where the baby elephant and his mother stays are keen on their health as they give them good food. The sanctuary is located somewhere in Thailand where these huge creatures are left to wonder safely in the vast forest, while poachers are kept away from them. At Chai Lai Orchid Eco-Lodge, you can have a glance of these lovely creatures at their natural habitat.

The government has been putting efforts to educate people on the necessity of conserving wildlife and the environment at large.

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