Lady Spots A Young Girl At The Bus Stop At Night, What She Did Next Is So Touching!

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September 15, 2015 Videos

Kinley and her buddy, both adolescents, decided to attend a performance on one night at Virginia. Kinley never went along with her jacket. She never knew that she would become the talk of Facebook

When the concert got over, people came out. In that moment, Kinley lost the sight of her friend who apparently had all her things including the purse, keys, and phone. With nowhere to go, she decided to stay at a bus stop. The temperature that night was low and she was wearing only a top. Felicia, a nearby female resident, heard her asking for directions.


Concerned about this young girl at the bus stop, Felicia decided to offer her coat and wait for the correct bus that passes at Kinley’s home to come. Once it came, she made sure she boarded the bus and asked the driver to take her home. The only thing they did was to exchange names.

Overwhelmed by this woman’s reaction that night, Kinley decided to look for her on Facebook so that she could thank her for being concerned and also to give her back the coat. She said that she had to find the woman who saved her from the coldness and made sure she boarded the correct bus.

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