The Kitten Hit On An Embankment. What Follows? Awesome!


July 25, 2015 Videos

We have always seen parents protecting their children regardless of the situation. These parents would do anything to get their kids out trouble no matter the price. This is what I call parental love. Some parents have even gone far by risking their lives to save their children. Guess what? The same applies in the animal kingdom. It’s really wonderful how parental instinct reveal itself through such situations.

In this clip, we see how the mother protects her kitten. This one of the most touching clips I have come across. We see a white and black mother cat on the steep embankment which is covered by something that seems to be sharp and the hard rocks. The kitten is standing just below on the other embankment.


By bad luck, the kitten is stranded and it cannot make a leap to safety. We see it trying to scratch, jump and claw but does not succeed. The mother is worried about her kitten as she sees her kitten in the struggle. She paces back and forth trying to save her kitten. Eventually, she saves her. This is really touching!

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