This Kid Was Racially Abused For Being Black. This Is The Response the 4-Year-Old’s Mother Wants You To Watch!


July 25, 2015 Videos

The impact that racism has is what this video is all about. It makes me think about it over and over and I’m really touched.

According to this mother, a girl at school told this 4-year-old girl something and she has been crying herself out since then. The mom does not know what to say or do to comfort the little girl. It’s so heartbreaking to watch some of the pain that people who are racially abused have to go through!


It is high time parents started doing their best to prevent this kind of prejudice. Discrimination is something that souls should not be subjected to… it can’t get any worse when the victim is a kid.

Though some are arguing otherwise by this mother’s decision to post this video online, I really think this is one of the videos people have to watch to notice the kind of harm that’s being caused out there.

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