Just By Playing The Piano, This Homeless Man His Able To Change His Life…


July 10, 2015 Videos

Sarasota Keys project, has installed seven pianos in the city and on this day, 51-year-old Donald Gould had approached one and sat in front of it. His video appeared on Facebook when a passer-by filmed him while playing the piano and posted it. It is wonderful how he plays the piano because the video has received more than a million views.

Gould is a former Marine who leads a hard life. In 1998 his wife passed away, and his child was taken away from him by Child services due to his addiction to drugs. For seven years now, he has been residing in the streets. Some good Samaritans have decided to give Gould a new start, by changing him completely. With new clothes and a haircut which is the first in 15 months, he looks a changed man. This kindhearted action has left me speechless, and the most interesting part is that Gould has been offered work as a piano player in some local club!


Before coming to lead this hardship life, his dream was to become a music teacher. His daily hopes are that one day he will reunite with beloved son. He confesses that in everyday of his life, since they took his kid away, he thinks of him. On 24th of August his son turned 18 years, and he hopes that he searches for him. But with this video that has become famous, we hope that the come together of father and son will be possible.

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