They’re Just HavingA Walk Around The Neighborhood, But It’s There Cuteness That’ll Surely Steal Your Heart. You Love Him!


November 19, 2015 Videos

Do you love horses, those great stallions that appear to add up their strength with some tender loving reactions? Me too!

Now, something is happening here, and it’s going to be such a lovely moment watching this cool clip. You see, stallions are known to be some very strong horses that some people might even fear. Imagine an animal towering over you as you walk it around?Scary? NO!


It’s lovely, and you’ll feel the emotion when you watch Apollo, the great stallion, join Carol, his good owner, for a walk around the block. You just can’t say you’re not in love with how lovely all this appears. Right now you want a horse!

Apollo is sucha lovely animal – so gentle, so loving, so many things to say about him. In fact, he has won as the Grand Champion In the US, the Netherlands, and Canada, and that’s just a reminder of his awesomeness. You’ll have to watch this to really grasp this whole thing!

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