She Was Just Giggling Her Breath Away, Until Mom Said Something. Now You’ll Have To Put Up With Some Madness!


November 22, 2015 Videos

Some kids are just too funny to even refer as kids. The good thing is, a child will always love their mom, and they appear to forge a really strong bond with their mothers, and that’s why you’ll find the two acting like partners in crime. Yes, a mom and her lovely kid can pull off a lot of stunts, and this video will show you that.

So here we have a good mom, and then we have a little kid who happens to really love her mom. In the video, you see the child giggling. She’s definitely having the moment of her life, and then her mom places a certain ‘request’ to her, and things turn up all hotter and most hilarious!


Apparently, this mom and her kid have mastered the art of changing faces, and now this kid is going to transform herself from a really impressed human to a very mean-faced creature. Mom calls it the mad face!

You just can’t skip this. Watch and laugh your heart out, then get composed and SHARE this with all your buddies on Facebook. Break their ribs!

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