Judge’s Verdict On A Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty Goes Viral.


February 29, 2016 Videos

For those who have been in court, they know that judges are capable of sentencing the law breakers according to the grade of their mistake. But depending on how a judge rules the case, his/her fame increases. In the clip below, we meet a judge by the name of Michael Cicconetti in Painesville, Ohio. He is being mentioned by everybody even he has become the talk on the internet by the way he rules out different cases.


A woman by the name of Alicia had mistreated her dog and was brought to face charges of animal cruelty. Being a pet owner too, the judge was very disturbed with her action of leaving the dog alone for a full week. After hearing her case, he decided to give her two options; to be behind bars for 90 days or be enclosed in a dirty place for eight hours so that she can really feel the way her dog felt. Good news is that the dog ia showing positive changes in her recovery.

Watch the clip below to hear for yourself how she reacted after being given to choose which option she preferred. Please SHARE this story to all your friends on Facebook!

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