Jimmy Kimmel Speaks Bitterly Live On TV. His Reasons Made Tears Roll Down My Cheek!


August 2, 2015 Videos

Jimmy Kimmel, a well-known television host put clear his worries when a dentist from Minnesota, killed one of the lions in Zimbabwe.


On the night of Tuesday, he went live on TV, demanding for an explanation on why the lion had been shot and if that was an obliged matter or it was fun.

According to the law of Zimbabwe, a lion can’t be murdered at the park grounds. Cecil the lion, is believed to have been enticedout of Hwange National Park by Walter James Palmer, who killed, cut off the head and later skinned it. According to him, hunting was legal and had no knowledge about the animal’s identity, an action that Kimmel considered to be vomitus.


Cecil of 13 years of age, was a definitely considered the favorite by the locals and also the park visitors. He was also containing a GPS for research purposes at the Oxford University.

The head of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, Johnny Rorigues, commented that Cecil was not a problem to anyone, and that he was one of the amazing creatures to stare at.

To find a solution to the catastrophicsituation, Kimmel gave an encouragement forindividuals to give donations to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University. While unpleasantly speaking, the host put it clearly that for the situation to change to a better one, donations should be made.

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