It’s The Little Things That Make Life Amazing, And That’s What This Couple Is Good At. Amazing!


May 8, 2016 Videos

Normally, it’s the bride who plans her entire wedding to the last bit. This wasn’t going to be so forElisabeth, for right after they had shared their vows, back in 2002, the pastormade an announcement that she had not included in the program. The pastor declared that the groom was about to present a gift to the bride. That’s when Alan sat on a piano, and decided to serenade his newly married wife with an amazing song, one that he wrote himself, for her.

This was special because not only was this happeningbeforetheir very first kiss, but neither of them had kissed someone else before this day.  Alan met Elisabeth during an orchestra, in which they both performed. It was at this time that he wrote a poem that led him to pursue Elizabeth. He had been working on the poem ever since, with the intention of turning it to a song. He only managed to do this a few days before the wedding.


The guests burst into applause when he was done, right before he gave his wife the first kiss. This couple was brought together by music and they continue to earn a living for it, together. They are both Orchestra directors. Alan at a local middle school, and Elisabeth at a local high school,

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