He Invites Her Over To The Stage. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind. Let’s Sing!


June 25, 2015 Videos

They said it’s Midas touch, but this American songwriter-cum-singer says it’s a kid’s touch.

In 1978, Michael Martin Murphy sang “What’s Forever For,” a song that hijacked the waves for quite some time.

However, this cowboy never had a clue that he would have to pull off his hat for a small lady on the stage one day, until it so happened.

Come 2014, and Murphy was performing during the MuzArt World Foundation, then he felt like putting the show on hold, and so he did.


Lexi Walker. You’ve most likely heard of this little gem. She’s the 11-year-old that’s about to move you to the edge of that seat. So Murphy invites her over to the stage so they can take on his hit song together. As he put it, the song is a call to families to stick together to offer better lives for the children, and that’s why he felt the need to involve a child.

Hold your breath, but you’ll have to watch this clip to know why.

You have to give it to this kid!

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