They Introduced A Dog To Their Unresponsive Son, What Followed Will Move You To Tears


January 27, 2017 Videos

Six-year-old Caleb Howard was involved in an accident that left him with traumatic brain injury and multiple broken bones. His parents were not sure their boy would survive. He seemed to be making little progress.

Someone suggested that animal therapy may help the little boy.


In the footage below, Colonel, a dog, takes the animal therapy job on Caleb. The boy becomes alert, and you can notice the sudden improvement in his condition. Caleb learns to move his hands and legs as he plays and cuddles with Colonel. Caleb now walks and became active than he was before the accident.

Colonel and Caleb became best of friends. Colonel brought excitement to the boy’s life. The once” lifeless” boy is now a bubble of joy. Who thought animal therapy would work?

Play the heartwarming video and see the progress made by Caleb.

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