Her Husband Is No More, Then She Decides To Do This… So Touching!


August 25, 2015 Videos

The lord gives and takes at the same time. This is what Kathie, Frank’s wife had to say when she was asked to talk about her husband’s life.

That is the situation she and her family had to go through the past week. She thanked everybody for their love that they showed through, texts and tweets, and said that it was the time when she knew how people loved their family, which gave them the strength to carry on.

She says that her husband’s tribute was extraordinary, even going ahead to joke that Frank himself could have loved to see it. When one reads through it, he really gets to know better who Frank was, and what he did in his life. She recalls the time they used to argue and he would tell her that many people loved him, of which her answer was that it was true. She confessed that he was the most peaceful person in the world that she ever knew. He was born in 1930, in a poor family and there are times they were forced to take dog food. He lived in 29 different places before enrolling to a high school, just because his dad never found a permanent job, this is as per what her mom wrote in her diary. People think that he was born on a silver spoon but it wasn’t like that. The poverty helped shape him because by that he knew what it feels to be hungry or to have one pair of cloth.


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Watch Kathie Lee Gifford's personal and touching tribute to Frank Gifford. She shares how faith was the foundation for his life. http://on.today.com/1MxyNip

Posted by Kathie Lee and Hoda on Monday, August 17, 2015

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