Some Humans Wanted This Commercial Banned, Reason? It Is Too Hilarious!


January 4, 2017 Videos

If you know anything about Kmart, then you’ll want to know about this. Apparently, Kmart has released a commercial that seems to “set-off” some people. Now you want to know why!


The commercial is about a worker that wants to let people know that Kmart can help ship their stuff for free, but then the worker uses a punch-line that ends up cracking up people and saddening others. To make it even more noticeable, the punch-line is repeated so many times that it’s impossible not to get it. Well, some people just seem to get it all wrong, and that’s the little problem.

Just watch the video here and find the hilarity hidden in the word play. All you’ve to do is say the words out loud, and you’re sure to drop off with laughter. It’s just too funny!

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