Her Hubby Passes Away, And Then This Group Of Bikers Comes And Does This To Her. Incredible!


July 23, 2015 Videos

When her husband died in a fatal motorcycle accident, Rhonda Thill was shattered.

Soon after, Rhonda noticed that his wedding ring was missing, and she searched for it everywhere in vain. That’s when some unlikely heroes stepped in. When they heard of the missing ring, a group of bikers volunteered to help look for it, so they went to the scene of the accident and got down to do their noble job.


After about 40 minutes of crawling on the ground and turning everything upside down, one of the bikers announcing the news. They gold ring had been found!

They checked and it matched all of Rhonda’s descriptions of it, so they took it to her, and for the first time since her hubby left her on Earth, the widow smiled. In fact, as she later told the KARE11 News, Rhonda stopped crying from that day henceforth;she was so happy to at least have something to hold on to keep her hubby’s memory.

As she tells it, bikers are really nice people and they always help. Watch and please SHARE this lovely story with everyone you know on Facebook!

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