He Hits Her, And The Bikers Step In And Do Something. You Won’t Believe!


June 2, 2015 Videos

How many times have you met a superhero?

Well, Karen did, and not just one. They were 15 of them!


BACA(Bikers Against Child Abuse) is an organization that has tasked itself with ensuring the safety of children and their families. However, these kind people don’t make any profit out of it.

This video covers one of the good things these guys have done. Here’s Karen, a mom who has spent many years in an abusive marriage. However, she finally got smart and sought for help, which she easily found from 15 serious adults.

These guys believe that no kid should ever live in fear in their own home, and they go to great lengths to ensure that. These people will camp outside a child’s home or even pick them up from the bus until the kid feels secure.

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