Hiram breaks down after watching the video. This Is Why!


July 4, 2015 Videos

Hiram and Felicita had been staying together happily for fifteen years. Even today the couple admits they are more in love with each other. For them it was nothing but love. The couple will make you happy as they describe their love story which ended up in a wonderful marriage

Filming was done separately for the two while they were being interviewed. They both said what they like about each other. They were put to watch the tape and see what each could say about their relationship. During the investigation, they were asked to describe how they felt for each other in a manner that would suggest love for each. We see them shed tears of joy as they watch what they had said during the interview.


Hiram amazes us when he suggests how lucky he must be whenever she looks at her wife inside the house. Felicita goes ahead and tries to explain how her husband has been very god to her all this long. At that point, Hiram becomes emotional.

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