I Watched Him Throw The Kitten Across The Floor. When I Discovered The Reason Behind It? UNBELIEVABLE!


July 5, 2015 Videos

We all love cleanliness and thus sweeping our floors is something we do from time to time. But then, who do you feel when you have done the sweeping and then discover there is a spot you have missed? Irrespective of how careful you are in ensuring your floor is clean, you will always find some dirt on it. Now, Richars, the ragdollcat has a solution for you. He ensures the cleanliness you are looking for from time to time is achieved with the help of what you least expected.


We have always discovered things that are around us have simple solutions to problems that have been troubling us for quite some time. Buttercup and Richard, who are YouTube users uploaded this video and it makes us correct the mistakes we have been making when cleaning our floors. He makes the whole cleaning process so enjoyable and the needed shine is achieved. It’s a win-win scenario!
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