He’s In Prison for Drunk Driving and Manslaughter, But He Has A Great Message. Spread This!


May 5, 2016 Videos

It’s in 2016, and Caudilla isdriving under influence of alcohol. He ends up crashing his car into a deputy, killing the policeman. He’s arrested, charged with drunk driving plus manslaughter. He’ll now be cooling his heels in prison for the next 15 good years!

Fast-forward to the current events, and we find Caudilla a very humble man. He’s still in prison in California, but he has reformed from his bad ways. The man is very remorseful of his actions, and that’s why he wants everyone out there to beware of the dangers of driving a vehicle while drunk. By his own words, not a day goes by without him regretting his actions that led to the death of a police deputy. But he’s doing something about it!


So the guy teamed up with the people from We Save Lives to drive a message to the bar patrons across California. The message is loud and clear – if you must drink, then don’t drive. The whole thing is presented in a very creative and stunning manner that intrigues even the people in one of the bars. You should see this!

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