Henry Winkler’s Childhood Was Not Easy. Watch His Inspiring Revelation!


February 2, 2017 Videos

Do you remember Henry Winkler from the comedy “Happy Days?”

Well, the actor did not have a rosy childhood. Despite his success, he faced a few challenges as he grew up.

For starters, his parents called him useless and stupid. They called him a dumb dog. They called him lazy. Most of his school life, he was grounded.


Additionally, Henry was severely dyslexic. He read his first book at the age of 31. He had difficulties coordinating complex activities like riding a motorcycle.

Henry applied to 28 colleges and got admitted at two where he pursued an acting course. His highlight was the “Happy Days” show. He took part in stage plays and several commercials. However, because he was dyslexic, he faced some challenges. For instance, he found it difficult to ride a motorcycle.

Henry developed some survival mechanisms that led to his success. His wife, Stacy, is proud of him and still loves him in his old age. Henry is an inspiration to kids with learning disabilities, and he is working towards helping them.

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