It Has Never Happened, But Two Teams Won In The Same Match, Reason? We Need More Of This!


February 4, 2016 Videos

This is one of those moments which you don’t come across all the time. Something special happened when the Thunderbirds, Coronado High School’s basket team was playing Texas High school. Peter Morales who is the coach of the team has a favorite in the team and he has never hide anything about it.

Mitchell Marcus, the team’s team manager has some mental disability but that never changed his love for the game. As reported by Morales, everyone loves it when Mitchell is around. His mom revealed that Mitchell loved it when he is given a basketball during his birthday and it has always been like that.


On this day, the coach had requested him to wear the team jersey and that meant a lot to him. No one expected that the coach wanted to play him even though it meant losing the game. It was what happened in the game that made the news.

It was one of those games where both the teams won and you have to watch the clip and discover why I have to say so.

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