This Group Performs A Hit Song And Leaves Everyone Yearning For More!


August 9, 2015 Videos

40 years ago, “Bohemian Rhapsody” a famous hit, was released by Queen. By this time, people were not ready to its high notes nor its low ones.
In 1960’s, Freddie Mercury, started to write this masterpiece opera. While still working on it, his family and friends were totally mixed up when he gave an explanation on how this song will be part rock ballad, part opera, and wholly unique.
For the song to be fully recorded, it took three weeks. Some parts of it were featuring numerous names and mixes that were not easily understood. The aftermath was a song full of love, horror, happiness, and fear.

With time the song went on to be liked in the current culture and finally became one among the most popular songs of all the ages. Many people have sang this song with different versions, trying to own it.


In the following video, we see Frensham Madrigals performing their own version of the song. With the likes of Charlotte Nicholls and Katie Lee, who have magnificent voices, without doubt it’s the sweetest song that ever exists in this world!

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