When The Great Dane Meets The Chihuahua, The Ensuing Reaction Left Me In Stictches. Watch!


March 13, 2017 Videos

There are many dog breeds with varying body sizes. Some dogs such as St. Bernards are gigantic compared to the small-sized Chihuahuas. However, all dogs are loyal and faithful despite the body sizes.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a small dog breed meets one of those massive breeds? Here is a sneak peek!


A Great Dane meets a small Chihuahua puppy for the first time. Well, the reaction of both dogs is priceless. Curiosity got the best of them. The little dog kept following the Great Dane. The Great Dane stops paying attention to the other felines and concentrates on the little pup. The little pup escaped from the MuttShack Animal Rescue Centre. I wonder
what thoughts are running through their heads.

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