When Granted A Wish, This Little Boy Chose The Unexpected. What A Choice!


August 5, 2015 Videos

Were you to be granted a wish, what will you go for? Will it be for personal benefit or for others? Recently a boy of 12 years was asked the same question, to which his response was a clear demonstration that he really cared for others too.

This kid by the name Lucas Hobbs, a resident of Minnesota, never has a smooth childhood as he is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Upon being asked by Make-A-Wish Foundation, his desires were neither getting a trip to a dreamy place nor meeting his idol face to face. He opted to ask his parents if he could have a food truck so that he can help in supplying to five different groupsin the locality: homeless house, children’s hospital, a police sector, church community, and a senior center.


He told CBS News Minnesota that while he was sick, it was people who took food for him which was a correct thing, making him ask his parents to allow him use his desire to help others too.

His consideration for others never remained like that, as the police officers kept being the first in the queuein purchasing his delicious sandwiches. The following video is an honor for his kind-heartedness. Miquel Barnes, an officer of the MPD gave a declaration to CBS that some people were pleased with what they do, but it is not as it seems to be seen.

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