Grandpa Is Presented With A Naughty Towel As A Christmas Gift, Now Watch Him Closely… It Broke My Ribs!


December 28, 2015 Videos

Warning: Scenes in this clip may be a little NSFW.

The Christmas and this festive season in general is characterized by a number of things: coming together as a family and getting to exchange different gifts. Now, coming to gifts- what criteria do you use when going for some? The clip below gives us an idea of what to do when we need to surprise and make those we have missed for a long time be happy.


The clip features one grandpa who was given a gift to remember, and I bet not people will like it to be in his position. It should be noted that our grandpas and grandmas are lonely most of the time and we have to do everything to at least make them smile.

Though I’m not sure whether I could have gone for this type of towel as a gift for my grandpa, but it served the purpose over here.

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