His Girlfriend Seems Bored, But He Needs To Flirt. The Outcome? This Left Me In Stitches!


January 6, 2016 Videos

I have to confess that the clip below made my day since it was easy to find an experience to relate it with. Have you ever gone out on a date with one of those guys who are so boring? Guys who cannot smile or answer a joke back no matter how hard you try to make them do so? Then you are about to encounter the same experience below, but this time round it is happening between parrots.

We meet Buddy the Quaker Parrot and JoJo the Indian Ringneck who have something going on between them. There is something JoJo wants Buddy to know about but buddy is the nagging type. Despite all that, be ready for an adorable interaction!


From the look of things, Jojo must be living with an affectionate person who always loves him and that is what he is trying to express towards his friend. What do you think of this interaction?

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