The Get Back Home And Find Some Fire Trucks In Their Yard, And What’s Inside That House Will Have You Singing Praises. Awesome!


July 29, 2015 Videos

There’s a boy that people lie to call “John John,” and he and his family found their passion.

In 2013, the boy was diagnosed with anaplastic ganglioglioma, a brain tumor. It was at stage 4, and many doctors predicted that the boy would die 9 months time. But they forgot that this young man is a real fighter.

Now, Corner Kingdom deals with room design for people with special needs, and over one good weekend, it did something for this boy and his family. This must have been the most beautiful surprise anyone can ever dream of.


Some 50 people had volunteered to contribute about $11,000 to overhaul John’s room to fit his dream as a firefighter officer, and it was done in the most efficient manner, with every single detail taken care of.

After this, you can tell that this young guy will always feel like a king in his room, and we all like that. Watch this cool clip and see how things turned out cool for this boy’s family. They couldn’t than the people enough. So moving!

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