This Toddler Gave A Genius Response To Avoid Mom’s Teaching Moment – It Cracked My Ribs!


May 5, 2016 Videos

Every mother has at one time or another caught one of her kids drawing on some surface they are not supposed to be drawing on. Most of the times they are caught drawing using colorful household items like crayons. Laura Hopkin was not amused when she did catch her two year old drawing on her mirror using lipstick. What amused her was when a teaching moment turned out to be something she could never have expected in her wildest dream. The boy turned the blame to someone she least expected the boy to point a finger at.


It’s just adorable watching the boy say it over and over again. It’s hard to believe he could think of such a thing in the first place. It does sound like what the mom thinks the boy is saying is quite different to what the kid is actually saying. Can you understand what the kid is saying? Where could he have learnt such an answer from? Take a few seconds to watch it and share with friends.

Do you have similar adorable instances, or moments when either your kid or a friend’s kid has surprised you with their response? I am sure you do. Please share your comments below. And do not forget toSHARE the video as well!

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