These Friends Have Been Away From Each Other. Now Watch What Happens When They Meet!


May 8, 2015 Videos

All creatures have a way of bonding and remembering each other. Watch the clip below about horses, it will leave you in tears.

Back in 2012, Sue bought Arthur; she bred the horse and later sold it. During the Arthur’s stay at the Sue’s place, it made several friends. William was from “foalhood” when they were both foals. Harry joined them a year later and all became playmates. Other horses joined them in 2009 during the spring season.

Watch how Arthur recalls his childhood friends. He is now eight years and still has memories of his friends.

Sue comes up with an incredible idea to reunite the three horses. Will Harry and William recall Arthur? Watch out their reactions.


Sue hired Bruce Selkirk a filmmaker to capture this great reunion. He edited the footage to a five-minute film.

The three where to meet at the Mustons Field, the field was already sold and converted to something else and not the grounds they grew in. nothing looked familiar to them, only their spirits seemed bonding.

Sue in her recent post said the three horses now live together in her homemade in South Dartmoor.

At the moment, the three are now home mates! Did the reunion touch your heart?

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