A Flood Killed His Whole Family, And Then He Had A Really Special Dream That Swept Away All His Agony. Here It Is!


October 29, 2015 Videos

Imagine a man who has had his family well and all healthy, and then something happens to them and he’s left all alone in this unforgiving world. That kind of a man is a broken man. He’s desperate and frustrated. He’s lost everything that mattered to him. Now, what if this man turns around andkicks away all his agony and leads a happy life once again? Isn’t that some kind of divine intervention?

Here’s one Jonathan McComb, and his story will bring tears to your eyes. McComb had a beautiful family. He had a wife and two lovely kids, but things changed one day when a flood killed all of the family except him.


The Texas resident survived the flooding, though barely, and he was in really bad shape emotionally. But Jonathan had a God to turn to, and so he did. That’s what finally light up his life in an incident that’ll leave you dumbfounded.

Watch as his story unfolds, and you’ll decide that there’s a God capable of really big things. It’s so religious I had to read a bible verse. Please SHARE this with everyone you now on Facebook!

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