Filming Group Get Shocked When They Learn How This 98 Old Woman Spends Her!


November 9, 2015 Videos

When people attain an advanced old age, they tend to get forgotten by the society because they are viewed to be unproductive – just like the lady in the clip below, who is abandoned but proves to all that although she has 98 years, she still strong and kicking.

When a filming group went to her place, in an apartment that she dwells alone, to see how she lived, they were shocked to find out how hard it was, and had to document this plain lonely life of Mary.

When they took Mary to a nursing home for the old people, she was very excited to meet her fellow age mates who were occupied with various activities like dancing playing instruments, and afterwards given food to eat. For her, she has been used to living a lonely life where her big enemy is finding what to keep her busy.

Confessing to the filming group, she told them that to keep her occupied and from running nuts, she gets the junk mails and strips them, then cutting them into small pieces and placing them into a plastic bag to be thrown away.


When asked, if she had a good day at the nursing home, she responded that she was really grateful and longed for the following day to go back to her fellow age mates and socialize.

The mission of this clip is to tell us that we should never abandon our old grandparents and to always call them to know how they are faring on.

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