When Your Favorite Artist Pulls off A Concert In Your Home…For You!


May 10, 2015 Videos

Garth Brooks is that typeofa country musician who will start making waves and keep at it!

Just recently, this guy pulled off a stunning acoustic performance of ‘Mom,’ his new hit single, for Ellen.

Garth has a thing with moms, and moms reciprocate the same. Garth has some real charm and talent, and people tend to notice that.

And now our man is back with something even more explosive!


Here, we have this great musician hooking up with “Good Morning America” to have Karen Garrison’s heart skipping beats in surprise on Mother’s Day. Living in Darlington, WI, this mom is so much a Garth fan that she named her kids after him. Her daughter is Brook and the son is Garth.Impressive!

When Brook vouched for her mom for the GMA competition, Karen had no idea what was silently cooking, until one day someone put his arms around her from behind! Watch this great artist creep behind her house. You need this!

Garth is kind, and he recently did “The Dance,” another of his hits, for a lady with breast cancer. The crowd was crying by the time it was over, and Brook even went ahead to kiss her, give her his guitar and display her sign!

This mom’s dream is realized! Please watch and SHARE the clip of Facebook!

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