Father And Son Communicate With Each Other For The First Time In Seven Years. So Emotional!


August 21, 2015 Videos

Melvin is the name of Gad’s father who he lost contact with seven years ago. His parents had divorced when he was only 16 years of age. Melvin moved from Australia to the USA and began a new life, but lost contact with his son after doing that. Gad tied a knot with a woman named Hayley who bore him two lovely daughters. On a daily basis, Gad used to think of his father.

Not long ago, Hayley communicated with DJs Jackie and Kyle, both of KISS 1065 whom made father and son to reconnect once again live on air. In the video below, we see how Gad, of 32 years now, reacts when he hears his father’s voice again after 7 years had passed. He remains speechless and emotional, as tears get off his eyes. You can see that Hayley also was waiting for this wonderful moment just as her spouse.


Melvin said that he too wanted for a long time to communicate with his son but he never knew how to start or where to go. He said that he was overjoyed to have a chat with his son and his wife, also to know that he had grandchildren. It was the best information so far that he has ever received for a long time. He went on to add that he thinks this was the beginning of a new episode for his family.

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