What This Farmer Does With His Produce After His Son Tells Him Something Is PRICELESS!


April 15, 2016 Videos

On a fine day Jonathan Lawler a farmer in Indiana heard from his sons that some of their classmates were going hungry and this sat heavily on his heart. He knew he had to do something. Jonathan lives with his family in a farm and hearing of people going hungry was bad enough because he never expected it.

Then he set himself a goal to donate five hundred thousand pounds of food each year and this he would reach by the nonprofit organizations he came up with and donating the foods he produced to kitchen soups, banks and pantries, further on Jonathan dreams of expanding his farm and having people volunteer to work in it and help those in need of food stuff.


John Whitaker of Midwest Food Bank speaks in line with Jonathan’s course and is quoted saying that, if people helped their hungry neighbors or gave them a helping hand then the hunger problem would be no more.

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