He Faced Death Under A Truck, And Then A Voice Came On From His Back. Now This Is A Real Miracle!


August 26, 2015 Videos

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that Sam Ray is perhaps the luckiest guy this year. Whose else life gets saved by a butt dial on a phone?

The story is as divine as it sounds. Sam, aged 18, was just working on some bolt underneath his truck, and then the machine slid off thejack. The poor young man found himself trapped under thetruck, his body aching, and his face being pinned underneath. That’s when the voice ‘happened.’


Sam’s iPhone had Siri, a computer program, which usually informed him on the day’s weather or the coupons at the Ryan’s or the MacDonald’s, but this time, the good program was offering help.

The guy managed to have Siri dial 911, and then he screamed into the speakers to explain the situation to the emergency dispatcher. He was soon saved by an emergency team, all thanks to a simple computer program.

He’s now better and recovering. Watch the clip and drop a comment to tell us what you think about this incredible story.Kindly SHARE on Facebook too!

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