This Gym Teacher Does This To Her Son, And She Gets It On Camera. Unbelievable!


May 19, 2015 Videos

If you think people with cerebral palsy can’t sport, you need to meet Matt Woodrum, an 11-year-old who’s not about to give up running for anything; not even when the teacher begs!

Although Matt was exempted from running the 400-meter path, he could hear none of it. He even wanted to give the classmates a run for their breath!

John Blaine, their teacher, noticed that Matt was burning out in the race, so he ran up to him to persuade him to drop out, but Matt wasn’t that kind of person to just give up!

That’s when Matt’s mom pulled out the camera, and what she captured will warm your good heart!


Matt’s classmates joined him in his race and cheered him to the finish line!

Now, before you shed some tears, first realize just how cool it is to see such young guys supporting each other so humanly. It’s so heart-touching!

The video may be old, but it’s still making waves. In fact, onecommenter on Youtube even equated this scenario to hope for humanity!

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