Ever Seen An Old Man Dating? CheckIt Out! HILARIOUS!


July 23, 2015 Videos

The moment Ethan knew that his eighty nine year old had it in mind that Tinder was simple thing one would use to start a fire, then that was the very moment the light bulb blew off in his head.


Ethan tricks his old grandfather and suggests setting up a profile for him. The funniest part of this clip comes later after this. Eventually Ethan makes a fake profile for his grandfather. He then uses a photo that is a decade old and decides to call his grandfather a twenty one year old renowned film maker.


Ladies are always funny. Many women gave their responses and eventually five of them were ready to come for the blind date. Ethan recorded what took place during the date and he decided to work on the film. I really laughed when the five ladies saw an eighty nine year old waiting for them. This is really funny! I wonder what these ladies hadin their mind the moment they got there.

The date included tequila shots and other ladies talked about toys as well as their unexpected visit from Ethan who tried to snatch his grandfather’s date. What followed after this incident surprised me!

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