Even Without Instruments, Freddie Mercury Is The Best –He Is Still A Legend 25 Years Later!


January 10, 2017 Videos

Though Freddie Mercury left us several decades ago, we just can’t stop considering him a vocal legend. He was the lead singer of one famous rock group known as Queen. His singing style and unique voice accompanied by his songwriting skills made the group make history.

During that time, he was the best and I believe no voice is yet to match what he did whenever he took the stage. It is now 25 years since then and no person has come forward and did something close to his singing and lyrical style.


Below, you are listening to “We Are The Champions,” a classic song done by the group. Though the band never uses any instrument, their electrifying performance is something that stands out.

Please listen to the unique talent below and let us know whether you loved watching and hearing them sing.

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