Even Horses Know What It Means To Enjoy Freedom. Watching This Will Warm Your Heart!


September 12, 2015 Videos

Jennifer Kunz is a woman that resides within one horse haven. Apart from being delimited with lovely horses, she is also their rescuer. Duchess Sanctuary rests on a 1,120-acres land, and is situated around Oakland OR. This is a massive lovely oasis that hosts 200 horses who were abused, homeless, and abandoned before. All the 200 horses have names that take after personalities, dislikes, and likes. Surprisingly enough, Jennifer knows them all by heart.


Jennifer confesses in the clip below that most of the horses were rescued from PMU; Pregnant Mare Urine, industry. Actually PMU employs conjugated equine estrogens (CEEs) to make products of Premalin family that are used to cure the symptoms of menopausal in women. The LCA animal organization says that the horses underwent hardship since they were being bred for their urine, so that drugs could be made. This made them give birth and get congested in the small stalls that they lived. That was done intentionally for the urine to be easily collected. When they slow production, their fate was to be slaughtered and the meat sold to people or to companies that make dog food.

Watch the clip to see how these lovely rescued horses are living at the moment. This Duchess Sanctuary is run by The Fund for Animals in conjunction with the HSUS. Kindly SHARE this video with all horse lovers on Facebook!

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