He Ends Up Picking The Mistaken Beer, This Guy Never Anticipated This!


July 30, 2015 Videos

Each year people have always waited to see anything the Budweiser would come up with to advertise the renowned super bowl alcoholic drinks. This time round everyone’s preferred golden retriever puppy was brought back to enchant the audiences all over the country. Amazingly, the Clyde’s dale showed up too.

In their latest advertisement for the Budweiser alcoholic drink, the Clyde’s dale comes up with an amazing appearance in a grocery walkway by intimidating an individual who is seen to be shopping because of buying specific type of beer and changing over to the Budweiser’s.


The company says that this is the moment for one’s super bowl alcoholic drink run. The company urges people not to upset the Clyde’s dale and advices them to take Budweiser for the weekend to enjoy with their friends.

As for me I do not take beer but I really like these commercial since they always make me smile, especially this.

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