An Encounter With A Homeless Man Changed The Lives Of A Family. Watch How It Happened!

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January 10, 2017 Videos

As a talented trio, GENTRI is well known across the world. The amazing performance you are about to watch in the clip below gives you enough reason behind their popularity. On this day they were singing “O Holy Night” and their powerful voices gave the song the justice it deserves.


The video below starts when a homeless man helps a father attach a Christmas tree to his car’s top. Haunted by the homeless man’s memories, the father goes ahead and does the right thing – he couldn’t stand imagining that the homeless man has to endure loneliness and the cold. Then the clip ends with a biblical message from the book of Matthew 25:40.

Kindly take your time and watch the amazing men below. Don’t you think they did the right thing during Christmas as opposed to buying those we love presents and gifts? True Christian faith is shown by giving back to the society. What do you think?

... What do you think? ...
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