Ellen Degeneres Surprises The Audience By Inviting A Pregnant Lady On Stage. What Followed? Incredible!


March 28, 2015 Videos

Everyone knows Ellen DeGeneres for the pranks she does on her performances. This time Ellen could not perform since she had an injured back, and she decided to seek for some help. She requested one member from the audience to help her entertain the spectators. This dancer blew everyone’s mind! Her moves were perfect! Surprisingly, she was pregnant! I am a dancer, but I cannot match her moves at all!

I had been surprised by many dancers before, especially when this couple blew everyone at their wedding. I just wonder how she manages to dance like this and yet she has a massive belly. I was pregnant like this, but I could not even manage to climb the stairs. In this case, she seems to be carrying a baby in her womb, and yet she dances like a six-year-old girl. I am sure the kid she is carrying must be a dancer at some point in his life.


After watching this performance, some individuals have suggested that this lady’s dancing would affect her pregnancy. She believes that her dancing won’t affect her pregnancy at all. Watch this clip and see her crazy moves.

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