Elderly Men In A Flight Do The Most Incredible Thing, I Wish I Was There!


January 27, 2017 Videos

There was a flight delay from Indianapolis to New Orleans. Unknown to the passengers, a group of senior men had quite a surprise for them. The group decided to entertain the other passengers with a song as they passed the time.

The quartet was the Port City Sound, members of the barbershop in Maine.


The quartet members are Jim Simpson, Fred Moore, Jim Curtis, and Walt Dowling. The four men, though elderly, have a passion for music.

When the men started singing, Kari Mann, a flight attendant, recorded the unexpected performance on her phone. The rest of the passengers watched in amazement.

Port City Sound has won several awards including Senior Quartet Championship in New Jersey and Maine. Additionally, they have garnered a huge fan base in the northeast where they perform. The passengers and the flight attendants were lucky to witness a firsthand performance from the talented men.

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