This Elderly Man Badly Needed Help, Then This Cop Came Around And Did Something That Got Instant Fame!

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August 5, 2015 Videos

James, an old man aged 80 years had the battery of his scooter finished while on his way home. He had no other alternative of reaching home in that hot summer day, then this policeman did something extraordinary to him.

Moses Costa, who is a Fort Pierce cop, saw to it that the old man reached home by pushing the scooter, which included walking a half a mile under the scorching sun. While the officer was doing all this, a passerby spotted him and recorded it on his camera then posted the footage which earned more than 10,000 views in one day.


After a couple of days, the generous cop paid James a visit, who is forever thankful to the cop for having helped him reach his home.

Currently, Costa is a trainee in the police force. He confesses that situations like that are the ones which made him take the police profession. He further went on to declare that that motivated him the more since it’s the job that he chose and he will continue giving a helping hand to people while in the police force.

At least this cop helping news is a break in the negative way that police officers are considered in the headlines all over the country. Kindly SHARE this clip with all!

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