This Duo, Of Mother And Daughter Decide To Let All Know How Good They Are… A Must Watch!


July 2, 2015 Videos

There is no better explanation as to why this video has gone totally viral in just a couple of days, until you have had a look on the video yourself  to understand why.

It is an extra point to the mother who takes her time to spend it wisely with her daughter, knowing well that she is pregnant with another baby! Here in the following video, we see a mother-daughter relationship which might be the best ever. Jaylyn, who is 6 years old with her mother, Nikki, are addicted to dance, to an extent of setting up a camera in their Carbondale, before starting to shake their bodies! First the daughter goes ahead to do some introduction, claiming to be a superb dancer, while her mother prepares to rock the place! They go ahead to unleash some spectacular moves to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” which leaves it clear that Jaylyn is really a good dancer!


In just three days, this footage of mother and daughter is seen on Facebook with more than 14 million viewers. This does not make any negative impact on this 8 month pregnant mother carrying a baby boy inside her, while on the other side Jaylyn claims to have fallen in love with her brother already!

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