He Is Dumped By His Ungrateful Kids In This Nursing Home. What Follows? Rib-Cracking!


July 15, 2015 Videos

There is a meticulous censoring of commercials within the United States compared to what happens in other countries. Fortunately, those commercials which are regarded to be “too hot for TV” can be found on YouTube.

The video below is an Argentinian ad titled “Ungrateful”. When I watched it, I was able to go through different emotions – but it is worth watching it!

The setting of this video is within a nursing home. Within it, we see an elderly father who is unwillingly being handed over by his son. This is a retirement home that is questionable. The staff is seen fighting with residents and a certain old woman desperately needs help.


This old man has done a lot for his daughter (who has not shown up) and son for a very long time, yet they want to take him to an awful place. He is really heartbroken. I’m about to shed tears when I see this old man seated on a wheelchair all alone- then I’m cracking up by what happens next.

This commercial will only make sense once you see what they are promoting… and surely it does!

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