They Don’t Have Money And Need Some Assistance, Then This Happened… You Really Need To Find Out!!


June 15, 2015 Videos

Ever caught in this situation before? Check out the following video to find out.

It is very embarrassing when you are about to purchase something thinking that your debit card has some money left on it till the last moment when come to realize that you are not even able to buy yourself a meal.

This happened to two kids who happen to be a sister and a brother, when they went out to purchase ice cream.


Surprisingly, the kids were not broke, they only wanted to conduct a test so that they could know if the fast food workers, who basically earn a minimum wage would get to understand what it means to be running short of money. Will they be lucky for the workers to lend them the remaining balance, or the kids will be sent packing?

The results that they found upon visiting three different restaurants were extremely shocking.

Perhaps you have never worked at a restaurant, but at the end of the day, if the cashier has some deficit because of handing out money, he is probably in a big problem. Basically for a restaurant worker to give out something away, he is putting himself and his job in danger unless he or she pay from his or her pocket.

Will these workers help these kids out with some cash? Watch the video to find out the verdict. Please SHARE this video with all your friends on Facebook!

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