This Dog Was Rescued From Euthanasia, What A Powerful Reaction!


July 21, 2015 Videos

It’s such a cliché to listen to the quote, ‘Dog is man’s best friend.’ But in reality, it’s not always the case. Animals have this sense of well-being that almost everyone is unaware of, animals— especially pets— have feelings too. Witness this intense emotion of gratitude the pup on the video is displaying to the family that has just rescued her from being euthanized in a kill shelter.

Annie, a tenacious puppy, has just been adopted by a family. The shelter was about to euthanize her— not because she was a rabid animal posing a threat to anyone or that she’s too old and sick to keep on living— for the reason that no one was willing to take her home. How Annie got into the dog pound is a story no one will ever know of, but that she being found without a tag on her neck means she’s no one’s. And being a ‘nobody’ is worth being killed for, if you’re a dog or a cat. And this one time, the appointed death of the dog was waved because of a family who wanted to take her in. And this is how the cliché saying doesn’t always apply to everyone because to Annie and the family, Dogs aren’t man’s best friend; they are family.


Dogs, even cats or any other pet, add to a family. And having a canine or feline companion bring more joy to a family. If getting a pet is one thing you’d love to have then don’t go for the typical pet shop, head down to the local animal shelter and be a rescuer because, certainly, those pets would give you the gratitude of a lifetime, love.

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